Chaeto algae


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chaeto algae, chaetomorpha, cheato, spaghetti algae

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Chaeto, Chaetomorpha is a fantastic, non intrusive, beneficial marine algae that is commonly used in sumps in order to assist in reducing nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates in marine aquariums. This in turn helps to reduce the amount of nuisance algae in your aquarium, such as the dreaded long green hair algae. It is also a haven for amphipod life to live and breed.

NB: This is for marine aquariums only (salt water).

Simply place the chaeto in your sump and watch it grow. It does need light in order to grow, an energy saver bulb will be fine, but in our experience the stronger the light the faster it will grow.

When you receive it place the sealed bag in your aquarium water for about 20 minutes, after this you can then open it up and place it in the water in your sump. This is done to prevent temperature shock which can cause the algae to die off.


If you buy before 2pm it will be sent out the same day (Monday to Friday) via Royal Mail First Class post so it should hopefully arrive the next day. This algae will be sent using the “dry shipping” method as it is capable of being out of water for a few days as tested by us.