Titanium Grounding Probe


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DIY Titanium Grounding Probe

Safeguard your tank and yourself from potentially dangerous stray voltage. This DIY Aquarium Titanium grounding probes give your aquarium a positive electrical ground, thereby eliminating stray voltage that can not only harm your aquatic animals but also you! Ever got a slight tingle or sharp shock when putting your hand in your tank? This eliminates those electrical shocks from your aquarium.

When properly installed, stray voltage which may be generated by pumps, heaters, lights and other electrical devices will be carried away to ground.

Plugs into a standard grounded wall outlet, probe attaches to the inside of tank/sump for a positive Ground.

  • Non corrosive sub-sea grade solid titanium rod;
  • Easy to install, suitable for both Marine and Freshwater aquariums;
  • Eliminates stray voltage;
  • Insulated transition joint.

Plug and Play—Package includes: Titanium Grounding Probe (10cm’s long), 9 foot lead with plug and mounting suction cup.

Ensure glass is very clean before attaching suction cup. Attach the suction cup above the water line.

* The probe works best when not completely underwater, it is best to have some of the bare titanium rod partially above the water surface, as in the pictures.

** Must be plugged into a grounded outlet, such as a standard wall plug. *Non UK customers will have to use an adaptor, we do not supply these.

*** Highly recommended to be used in conjunction with an RCD adaptor for added safety, these can be found on Amazon or ebay for about £8.

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